Ingenia Communities

Ingenia Communities Group is an ASX-listed property group that owns, operates and develops a growing portfolio of lifestyle communities across Australia.

There are four key portfolios that sit under the Ingenia Communities brand with each offering something different; from affordable rental options for seniors (Ingenia Gardens), land-lease properties to purchase (Ingenia Lifestyle), flexible rental living options (Ingenia Rental) and family-friendly holidays (Ingenia Holidays). Ingenia has more than 60 communities across the four portfolios.

BBS was initially engaged to provide strategic media relations support to the Gardens and Lifestyle portfolios, with the remaining portfolios and Ingenia corporate profiling subsequently added to the scope of work, the most recent addition being Ingenia Rental in 2019.

Needing to maintain and boost occupancy rates as well as elevate public awareness of Ingenia Communities businesses through our work, we developed targeted strategies both at the corporate and portfolio level that included broad market education, profiling and industry and stakeholder engagement.

The establishment of media protocols for each portfolio has assisted staff in identifying potential individual and community stories and communicate these to our team for development. Additionally, key messaging for corporate communications and each portfolio ensures a consistent voice, while reflecting the unique offerings and audience segments at portfolio level.

Over this time, our consultants have been able to take a more holistic view of the business, continuing to support each portfolio while identifying shared priorities and opportunities and achieving efficiencies in the way we support Ingenia’s needs.

The media coverage our consultants have secured for Ingenia has seen estimated PR value increase by more than 100% and audience reach by almost 150% from FY 2018-2019 to FY 2019-2020.

The broader understanding our consultants have gained of the business has also enabled us to quickly respond in the event of crisis, such as the 2019-2020 bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic, in providing strategic issues communication support.

What we did

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