Crisis Communication & Risk Management

History tells us that the organisations most likely to survive a reputational crisis are those with robust crisis communication strategies, well trained staff, and clear company-wide protocols.

BBS has 30 years’ experience in not only managing crises, but also anticipating them through proactive risk assessment, leadership coaching and crisis communication advance planning.

Our role is to identify those things that people working in the business cannot easily see, and to identify and escalate issues before they become a crisis.

Senior members of the BBS team lead our crisis communication and risk work, liaising closely with senior executives to understand unique operating environments. We seek to forecast risks, assess executive team response capability, review and test internal structures, identify key stakeholders, and ultimately intimately understand the operational and political environment within which the business operates.

Every risk/crisis plan is unique and the individual process for identifying and managing risk must also be bespoke.

Our strategies are always tailored and written in Plain English to ensure staff easily understand protocols when they are needed the most.

What we do best

‘Live’ crisis communication management
Communication and reputation risk identification
Risk profile mapping and response planning
Crisis communication planning
Crisis manual creation and auditing
Key stakeholder crisis communication planning
Brand and reputation re-build strategies
Crisis communication and media training
Crisis simulation project management

Our work in risk and crisis has covered such things as criminal and civil legal proceedings, mergers and acquisitions, major infection outbreaks, industrial accidents, corporate fraud, Royal Commissions and Inquiries and more.

How we do it

Our specialist areas