Stakeholder Engagement and Community Relations

Stakeholder engagement and community relations can be a powerful tool for gaining the trust and support of key stakeholders, for building positive relationships, and for sustaining confidence and brand reputation with investors, employees, communities, and government authorities.

BBS is recognised as one of Australia’s leading providers of stakeholder engagement, with our work reflecting world’s best-practice principles and methodologies of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).

As stakeholder engagement experts, our teams work closely with clients to provide tailored, effective engagement programs for a broad range of stakeholders, whether they be community-based, government agencies, media, environmental and social groups, or local businesses.

We believe in achieving the best return on investment for our clients through strategies which are scaled to meet the unique needs of the project and our client.

What we do best

Understand the social, political and commercial environments within which our clients operate

Integrate with other advisors to achieve a seamless stakeholder engagement approach

Minimise stakeholder outrage by identifying, engaging and entering into productive dialogue with detractors
Actively seek out supporters and cultivate positive relationships in order to balance the conversation
Protect and build our clients’ reputations with investors, regulators and employees, local communities and other important stakeholders
Bring robust processes that provide confidence and certainty

How we do it

Our specialist areas