Podcast Production

Podcasts are continuing to soar in popularity as infotainment-hungry consumers seek new sources of news, commentary and enjoyment.

BBS is a national award-winning podcast producer and we help organisations to leverage this platform as a strategic form of content marketing to support customer engagement and brand elevation.

Not only do podcasts build and connect with audiences virtually every day, they are a great way to develop and deepen relationships between consumers and brands over time.

A podcast is a great way for an organisation to tell its story through a medium which is allows great flexibility in style and tone.

Here’s how podcasting can help your organisation:

  • Reach completely new audiences
  • Deepen relationships through incremental growth in product understanding and value, corporate priorities and key initiatives including social responsibility.
  • Amplify the impact of marketing spend by leveraging existing content into a new environment.

For many people, podcasts are an alternative to listening to the radio while on the move in the car, pounding the pavement or on public transport.

What we do best

Conceive and create podcasts which connect with key audiences and enhance B2C relationships.

Research and script key talent interviews.

Conduct highly engaging interviews/conversations and professional voiceovers.

Deliver quality post-production.

How we do it

Our specialist areas