Investor Relations

No other industry is as reactive to information as the financial sector. Whether you are seeking to raise capital via an ASX listing, report to shareholders or communicate the company fundamentals to key analysts and market commentators, BBS will ensure your information is succinct, accurate, timely and well-targeted.

Our team has significant experience in financial and investor relations, particularly for Queensland-based companies operating on a national and international basis, including capital raisings, company announcements, analyst and institutional presentations and ongoing investor communications programs.

At a strategic level, BBS focuses on telling the stories which underpin a company’s market standing, which communicate the capability of directors and senior management and which clearly explain the business strategy and strengths.

For some companies, this means developing investor forums and gatherings, a sophisticated messaging strategy, or a co-branding approach to leverage alliance partners to help provide our clients with credibility.

What we do best

Create the strong narrative which drives market engagement with the business story, your values and vision
Support executive teams to comply with ASX communication requirements
Coach executives to manage complex shareholder and commentator relationships
Manage challenging issues where there is intense media interest

Design collateral which highlights performance and company value

How we do it

Our specialist areas