Reflecting on 30 years in business

Reflecting on 30 years in business

The courage to seize the opportunity, pioneering industry best practice and the heart and soul of the business, our staff.

What a privilege to have been the Founder, long time Managing Director and now Executive Chairman of one of Australia’s longest established, independent communications firms for 30 years.

Our once tiny, Brisbane based business has evolved over three decades to work with clients who operate at the highest level in every State, throughout Asia Pacific, in Britain, Europe and the United States.

We have consistently pioneered industry best practice in many communications fields, most of which did not really exist in the marketplace when BBS Communications Group first opened.

Today, we are continuing to innovate and deliver tangible results for about eighty clients a year. Then, as now, the quality and effectiveness of our skills and working the with BBS staff gives me immense pleasure.

The last three decades in business have been crazy cocktail of long hours, impossible challenges eventually overcome and engagement on some of the most significant projects in the country.

Our clients are individuals, membership organisations and corporations striving to build their futures, so many of them returning to work with us many times as their own interests have grown nationally or expanded overseas.

But from the beginning, the BBS staff have always been the talented, energetic heart and soul of our award winning company.

They’re well educated, hardworking team players who are natural problem solvers and have the BBS X Factor which makes them such great fun to work with.

Today the ‘BBS Alumni’ stretches from Buckingham Palace to the United Nations in New York with many accomplished former BBS staff now working as communications advisers to public figures and industry leaders around the world.

For me, it’s been about creating something of my own, applying learned optimism and always looking forward with courage.

I’ve enjoyed each stage in my long career – working in the Canberra Press Gallery as a young woman, creating an international communications strategy for an event, World Expo 88, which changed a city, as well as setting up and running my own national business over 30 years.

I offer my sincere thanks to everyone who has chosen to spend a part of their life working at BBS over the past three decades, particularly our generations of superb ‘home grown’ managers and especially our Managing Director, Lisa Nixon, my friend, supporter and now business partner who has invested 25 years of her talent in the firm.

I’ve had wonderful mentors. They know who they are and they know I’m more than grateful.

But more than that, I’ve had the great good fortune to be born a woman in Australia, a country which really does give everyone an opportunity to shine if you are just willing to step up take it.

I will be at BBS as long as my colleagues are willing to have me but I can see now that the firm will continue to exist and flourish long after I have moved on.

How wonderful, what a privilege, to have been there at the beginning. Very well done to all our staff past and present and sincere thanks to our remarkable clients.

Shall we push on for another 30 years??? Well yes, of course we will.

Jane Edwards AM
Executive Chairman

Intern at BBS

BBS operates a University Internship Program which offers placements in line with the university semesters, plus holiday period intakes, generally June/July and December/January/ February.

We accommodate trimester students and our program is open to applicants who are pursuing an internship of their own accord outside of the standard university semester calendar.

As a BBS intern you can expect to work alongside experienced professionals on real client projects, an environment which provides an accurate picture of what life as a communications consultant is like. 

BBS interns are always considered first for our graduate roles and many of our former interns have gone on to senior roles within our firm.

Working in a consultancy is diverse, fast-paced. It’s often said that “you’ll learn more in your first year in consultancy than in your first 3 – 5 years in another role”.

To apply for a BBS Internship, please email the Intern Program Coordinators with the following:

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