Namoi Cotton

Established in 1962 Namoi Cotton is Australia’s leading cotton processing and marketing organisation, with operations in both Queensland and New South Wales.

In the 12 month reporting period to June 2020, the company had undergone significant change, including a major corporate and financial restructure which saw significant workforce changes and settlement of an ongoing commercial dispute. Additionally, following severe and extended drought, the company posted a $10.99m loss for FY20.

Namoi Cotton engaged BBS to develop and deliver strategic and professional stakeholder engagement, investor relations and communications support ahead of its first ever virtual AGM.

Working closely with the CEO, key board members and external advisors, BBS developed a suite of targeted media, communications and engagement activities to:

  • Appropriately address known and potential shareholder concerns
  • Prepare the Chair, CEO and board members for known potential stakeholder issues and questions
  • Embed confidence in new executive team regarding the future direction of the organisation
  • Restore shareholder confidence
  • Effectively manage media relations; and
  • Deliver a professional AGM in accordance with ASIC and other reporting requirements


The virtual AGM ran smoothly and as rehearsed. Extensive pre-planning and preparation paid off with executives able to confidently manage shareholder questions and present the case for their positive forward plan.

What we did

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