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Endeavour Programme is an Australian-based project technology start-up which uses artificial intelligence to improve major project productivity around the world. As part of a broader marketing and communications strategy, BBS developed and produced AI for Project Success, a podcast series that allows Endeavour Programme to connect with its existing audience and customer leads, and attract a new, previously unreached audience.

AI for Project Success is an element of the strategy that allows Endeavour Programme to keep leads and potential customers “warm” in a non-invasive manner. Audience response and feedback shows they can digest podcast episodes in their own time and pick and choose episodes that are relevant to their business and situation. However, it’s clear that listening times peak surrounding key promotional activities.

BBS managed the podcast concept development, platform set-up, production and promotional activities. Working collaboratively with Endeavour Programme, BBS secures a range of industry experts to contribute to the podcast and establishes key topics and themes for each episode. BBS’ in-house media producer leads the production with project management, media and copywriting experts providing strategic and operational support.

The AI for Project Success podcast had more than 50 listens in the first month, with 70 percent of those listeners subscribing to the channel. In just the first month, the podcast reached listeners in 15 cities across six countries. These figures highlight the benefit of podcasting for an organisation looking to reach a global audience in real time.

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