Padua College

Located in Brisbane’s inner north, Padua College is a Franciscan educational community providing schooling for boys from Years 5 to 12.

To better communicate the College’s value and key message, Padua College undertook a brand ‘refresh’ with activity focused on the College’s website, being the primary, external market-facing brand tool for the school.

As part of this project, BBS developed an entirely new narrative for the College which was more contemporary, more energetic and responded to the aspirational desires of the decision-maker parent cohort.

The new narrative “We are…PADUA” allowed the College to speak to its academic standards but also much more to the wholistic developmental elements offered to students. It also sought to leverage the immense pride that both students and parents have in being involved with a school like Padua College. The narrative was explored not only through words, but also through image style and graphics used on the website.

The project involved engagement with the entire College Leadership Team and drew on sentiments contributed by parents and students. The success of the theme led to a decision to take the narrative and visual theme beyond the website and BBS was then engaged to apply this approach to other materials including the Strategic Plan, Vision and Mission and other marketing material, including for Open Day.

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