High Court decision on Facebook comments liability – what you need to consider

Read through the comments section of any news story shared on social media and you’ll most likely come across a host of public opinion, speculation and occasional outrage. Now, a High Court of Australia decision has paved the way for media outlets to be held liable for third-party statements made in these sections, with potential […]

Facebook news ban

As you may have heard this morning, Facebook has implemented a news ban overnight that is restricting Australians and Australian businesses from sharing or viewing news content through its platform. This news ban is in response to proposed laws that would force companies like Facebook and Google to pay for content from news organisations. You […]

Everyday creativity: More than those proverbial turtlenecks and beanbags

If you were asked to picture a ‘creative’ business person, what image would come to mind? Perhaps it would be a marketing professional, working in a pristine open plan office, conjuring up their next campaign from the comfort of an oversized beanbag. Or maybe it would be an architect; labouring over a set of plans […]

Do you have social media FOMO?

by Louise McGill Do you get edgy when you see your competitors updating their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts each morning? Do you break into a sweat every time someone asks why your company doesn’t have accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ AND Foursquare? Following these questions, do you immediately jump online and sign up […]