Nailing your virtual media interview

Nailing your virtual media interview

There was once a time when media interviews conducted on the phone for radio or on webcam for TV were more the exception than the norm. Now, thanks to social distancing and snap lockdowns, journalists and commentators alike have embraced the new era of virtual communication. While technology certainly has benefits, in the case of […]

Five things to bring to your first meeting with your PR team

So, you’ve received the proposal, signed the contract and now, it’s time to get stuck into work with your new public relations team; but what do you bring to your first meeting together? Whether you’re new to all things PR or you’ve never worked with an external consultancy before, the idea of your first meeting […]

Earned vs. Paid media – what’s the difference and why does it matter?

As media organisations struggle to find revenue sources to support their journalism, the line between genuine news and advertising has blurred. With a rise in sponsored content, ‘editorial partnerships’ and social media influencers using marketing techniques to promote products and services, paid advertising is, in some circumstances, very difficult to distinguish from genuine editorial content. […]

Timing is everything: 5 ways timing can make or break your chances with the media

There is much to consider when writing a media release; a catchy title, newsworthy angle, engaging details and solid quotes are all vital ingredients in the creation of a compelling story. However, there is one key factor many overlook – timing. This important element can ultimately make or break the coverage your media release gains.  […]

News values for the Modern Age: Shaping news in a digital-fuelled media world

It’s widely known that ‘earned’ media coverage, ie that which appears in the news pages rather than as an advertisement, is a very valuable brand and reputation strategy. However, finding a place for your message within the news landscape can be a challenging task. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how your interests can align with […]

Hitting a home run when pitching to media

Hitting a home run when pitching to media

There’s a definite art to pitching a story to journalists, but it’s not as complex as you might think. However, you do only get one shot to get your story across the line so you need to make it count. The reality is journalists are incredibly time poor, up against numerous deadlines and have endless stories […]

Five myths and misconceptions of the PR industry

Public relations encompasses a varied and diverse field of work, which can mean there’s no simple way of explaining what a PR professional does each day. Fuelled by movies and TV shows that depict one-dimensional “PR people”, here are five common misconceptions about the industry: