Don’t cut down on marketing – just be smarter about it

We’re all in this together. It’s the tagline, hashtag, mantra of the current coronavirus pandemic. And while it’s heartwarming and encouraging, it could also be a trap for complacency and business failure. Relying on others to help bring you along and out of this global ‘depression’ we’ve found ourselves in could be extremely detrimental to […]

Refreshing your story

There’s no doubt the effects of COVID-19 have been far-reaching and devastating for many across the globe. While in Australia we seem to be travelling on a promising trajectory to ‘flatten the curve’, business leaders and economists remain concerned about the lasting impact this health crisis will have on the Australian and global economy. With […]

Making sure your sponsorship makes sense for your brand

Businesses can use effective sponsorships to add credibility to their brands, get in front of the right people and even improve their corporate social responsibility credentials. While, at its core, it is an exchange of money for services, a sponsorship can be so much more. More than a logo on an invitation or a branded […]

What’s in a slogan? – the dos and don’ts of company taglines

Think Different – a bad use of grammar, and perhaps the most effective slogan of the 21st century. Apple, on the back of innovative products, exceptional marketing and this simple, two-word slogan, has become one of the most valuable companies in the world with legions of devoted customers. But what is it that separates a […]

Rebranding: Bringing your stakeholders on the brand change journey

Winston Churchill said “To improve is to change” and when it comes to brands, change can reinvigorate your business and help you to reconnect with your customers and stakeholders. Think of examples like Old Spice, who pivoted their brand towards a much younger customer base with an engaging ad campaign in 2010; or Apple, who […]

Communicating a brand: from imagination to reality

Communicating with customers is an essential activity for any business, but in order to communicate effectively, you first need to know your brand identity. How do you want to portray yourself to customers? How do you want to be perceived? The challenge of formulating a brand identity, and maintaining it, can be an arduous one. […]

Evolving a brand: giving the house a new lick of paint

We’re all very well aware of how powerful a good brand can be, after all we’ve seen many companies’ fortunes won and lost on the strength of their brand. Effective branding is crucial to establishing an organisation’s identity and has the potential to either set you aside or ahead of your major competitors. As a […]

Why is it so hard to tell people you’re being so good?

The expectation of businesses to be sustainable, charitable and ethical is higher than ever. After all, from society’s point of view, companies and organisations don’t operate in a vacuum. While there is not legislative requirement on businesses for corporate social responsibility (CSR), society expects businesses will act in an ethical and transparent way that contributes […]