Staying human post-pandemic – the future of face-to-face communication

In the past few decades, technology has changed the way we work and communicate. With each new digital device, tool and app, the world has become more focussed, and even obsessed, with technology as a prime means of communication. Then in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic came along and turned our lives upside down, with technology […]

Win, lose or draw on 31 October – make your government relations strategy a winner!

Election season is well and truly underway in Queensland with major parties vying for an inaugural fixed four year term in office. Whilst in times of crisis or uncertainty, voters tend to stick with incumbent administrations, Queenslanders never fail to shake thing up and this time around any result is possible with unprecedent postal and […]

Taking the fear out of asking – Find out what your stakeholders really think

While it’s popular for businesses to pay lip service to ‘stakeholder engagement’, reaching out to employees, to clients and to business partners can be a confronting task. However, carefully structured engagement can produce useful insights that can lead to positive change. Engaging in a formal process to draw insights from your stakeholders can be a […]

The power of the white paper

The power of the white paper

White papers certainly aren’t new to the content marketing arena – but despite the growing number of tools in the marketing tool kit, white papers can still be one of the most effective. A well-executed white paper can help to set up new relationships, build trust and position organisations and people as critical thought leaders. […]

Becoming strategic on social media

So you have various social media accounts. You post a bit here and there, you sporadically share other content but, ultimately, you don’t know how to really make an impression. Sound familiar? It’s time to get strategic. Like you would in any other part of your business, if you want to get the most out […]

Driving inner health with internal communications

Organisations that understand the benefits of having a well-functioning internal communications strategy are leaps and bounds ahead of others in more ways than you might think. Unfortunately, many companies and managers don’t give the appropriate attention to the development of these strategies, often hoarding key information to a select few and keeping frontline staff in […]

Taking it personally: deciphering communication styles

In any job and in any workplace, it is inevitable that you get along with some people better than others. Socially, you find yourself naturally avoiding those personalities that don’t align with yours in favour of those that are. But at work, avoidance is impossible when you need to work in teams, with clients and […]

The value of engagement: why more heads are better than one

The term “community engagement” is frequently thrown around when it comes to communication activities in the property, infrastructure, service delivery and policy sectors. But what is it really? Is there a “right way” and “wrong way”? And why bother if you’re just going to build it anyway? According to the International Association of Public Participation […]

Taking the conversation online

As the digital age continues to assert its dominance on everyday communication, it’s not surprising more and more organisations are choosing to engage with their stakeholders online. If you’re not already reaping the benefits of online engagement, it might be time to consider how your business can harness the power of digital tools.