Agriculture & Rural Industries

Queensland’s agriculture and rural business sector is a multi-billion-dollar contributor to the state and national economies. Despite this, the innovation, achievements and diversity of organisations working in and supplying the sector are still largely under-recognised.

From family businesses and community co-operatives to large ASX-listed corporate entities, agricultural operations in Queensland, and indeed across Australia, continue to grow, innovate and in many cases lead the world.

Similarly, in times of intense public scrutiny and community activism around issues such as animal production methods, environmental protection and land clearing, there is a serious need for a proactive focus on issues management to ensure that negative publicity does not sour key stakeholder relationships and impact sales and distribution opportunities.

As a leading Brisbane public relations agency, BBS is a passionate advocate for and supporter of Queensland’s agricultural sector. We use our skills and experience to showcase brand-building stories, launch products and positively manage the reputation and ‘social licence to operate’ for agricultural producers, manufacturers, and associations.