Emerging digital trends

Whether your company has moved into the digital marketing space or not, at some point this element of modern business will play a role in your work and how your brand is consumed. A 2014 study by Sitecore into the Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing shines a light on this, revealing interesting statistics about where […]

Taking the conversation online

As the digital age continues to assert its dominance on everyday communication, it’s not surprising more and more organisations are choosing to engage with their stakeholders online. If you’re not already reaping the benefits of online engagement, it might be time to consider how your business can harness the power of digital tools.

Lessons from a smart cookie

by Amanda Robson Earlier this week, America’s Super Bowl grinded to a halt as its New Orleans stadium host, the Superdome, plunged into blackout darkness. Meanwhile, the marketing team for cookie company Oreo was primed and ready for the game, with a multi million dollar ad about to launch its new campaign. When the lights […]

The danger of deleting

by Amanda Robson As more and more organisations step into social media, they are learning first-hand that they can’t control what is being said about them online and in such a public arena. Sure their customers, partners, associates and clients may give high praise, but others might dish out harsh criticism. However, it is how […]