Don’t cut down on marketing – just be smarter about it

We’re all in this together. It’s the tagline, hashtag, mantra of the current coronavirus pandemic. And while it’s heartwarming and encouraging, it could also be a trap for complacency and business failure. Relying on others to help bring you along and out of this global ‘depression’ we’ve found ourselves in could be extremely detrimental to […]

The power of the white paper

White papers certainly aren’t new to the content marketing arena – but despite the growing number of tools in the marketing tool kit, white papers can still be one of the most effective. A well-executed white paper can help to set up new relationships, build trust and position organisations and people as critical thought leaders. […]

Activating the power of influence

You’ve probably heard the term influencer marketing thrown around more and more often as it’s become increasingly popular with big brands and their marketing strategies. But what is it and how do we leverage it within our own marketing mixes? Influencer marketing involves leveraging well known social influencers to deliver a message to key stakeholders. […]

Lessons from a smart cookie

by Amanda Robson Earlier this week, America’s Super Bowl grinded to a halt as its New Orleans stadium host, the Superdome, plunged into blackout darkness. Meanwhile, the marketing team for cookie company Oreo was primed and ready for the game, with a multi million dollar ad about to launch its new campaign. When the lights […]