When the Going Gets Tough…

In the words of the Billy Ocean song, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. That’s exactly what businesses all across Australia are doing right now as they as they dig deep to find sustainability and profitability in an environment of economic and social upheaval. These are tough times to be sure and […]

‘No Comment’ – Avoiding a communication vacuum in a crisis

In the social media age, information, or indeed misinformation can spread faster than ever before. Nowhere is this clearer than in the midst of a crisis, and as several recent crises have shown, without a well-executed crisis communication strategy, companies can find themselves in a reputation tailspin. United Airlines, Pepsi and Samsung offer good examples […]

Saving time in a crisis

A crisis, either of people, property or reputation, is best tackled long before it happens. A comprehensive and regularly-revisited crisis management plan will be the white knight that comes to rescue you and your team when disaster strikes. Creating a clear pathway to resolution gives your team more confidence and cohesion, while ensuring you meet […]

The danger of deleting

by Amanda Robson As more and more organisations step into social media, they are learning first-hand that they can’t control what is being said about them online and in such a public arena. Sure their customers, partners, associates and clients may give high praise, but others might dish out harsh criticism. However, it is how […]