From engagement to trust – taking your stakeholders on a journey

Trust is a powerful force that spurs loyalty, builds credibility and supports effective communication. It gives an organisation the benefit of the doubt in situations where being heard, understood and believed is critical to successful outcomes. But how do we go beyond simply engaging stakeholders into building trust? It’s about taking your stakeholders on the […]

The value of engagement: why more heads are better than one

The term “community engagement” is frequently thrown around when it comes to communication activities in the property, infrastructure, service delivery and policy sectors. But what is it really? Is there a “right way” and “wrong way”? And why bother if you’re just going to build it anyway? According to the International Association of Public Participation […]

Taking the conversation online

As the digital age continues to assert its dominance on everyday communication, it’s not surprising more and more organisations are choosing to engage with their stakeholders online. If you’re not already reaping the benefits of online engagement, it might be time to consider how your business can harness the power of digital tools.

Establishing a social licence to operate

by Matthew Hart Establishing and maintaining a “social licence” to operate can be a fundamental requirement for businesses across a range of industries, from primary industries and infrastructure through to mining and resources. For the past two years, BBS has worked with PNG’s SP Brewery, owned by Dutch giant Heineken, forging a communication strategy focused […]

From crisis to outrage: changing communication strategies

by Matthew Hart It seems almost regardless of the disaster, be it flood, fire or earthquake, high levels of emotion and outrage can linger long after the immediate crisis has passed. Recently, I delivered IAP2’s Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation course in Christchurch, New Zealand, to a team involved in rebuilding the city following the […]